What One Word Made Gene Simmons of KISS a Millionaire?

Makeup? After all it takes Gene Simmons 45 minutes to apply his makeup for EVERY single show.

Music? Who doesn’t want to watch Gene dance around in those heels and sing,
“I want to rock and roll all night and party every day!”

Band? Accompanied by KISS  –  one of the greatest rock bands of all times.

However when Steve Strauss, best-selling author and columnist interviewed Gene Simmons,
this is what he said….

“I like being part of a rock and roll band, but I LOVE being part of a rock and roll BRAND.”

Think about it… Gaudy makeup, wild shows, pyrotechnics — the whole outlaw rock and roll thing! Simmons and Kiss have spent time, effort, and money cultivating that bad boy rock outlaw image.

And that’s what they’ve licensed to over 3000 products – from lunch boxes and comic books to credit cards and condoms!

What a vital lesson for all of us entrepreneurs.

When we become our brand. When we shine our light. We become a bigger version of ourselves, so we can reach out and relate to our ideal clients.

So when you’re building your brand, be sure to include YOU in the picture. That’s really what your dream clients want.

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