3 Gates of Speech

My yoga teacher reminded me of these three questions in our class on Saturday.

They’re considered the Gates of Speech in ancient yogic traditions. Ancient YES, but relevant today? ABSOLUTELY!

The intention is to reflect on these questions before speaking… to practice mindfulness in all things. What a timely lesson as we choose how to live in this conflicted world we find ourselves in… Imagine what a difference it could make if our children learned how to ask themselves these questions.
Truth is, there’s actually a fourth question in this series.
Does it improve on the silence?
Hmmm… Interesting point of view!

That’s the toughest one of all for me right now. And I believe for so many women. Because Silence is no longer acceptable.
I’ve been honored to hear from some Extremely BRAVE women over the past week. Women who’ve had the COURAGE to speak up and to share their own painful stories of being sexually assaulted.

For me the answer to question number 3 – Is It NECESSARY – is a resounding YES.

Once again, I’m grateful for the lessons I continue to learn from practicing yoga. When in doubt, ask the questions… Because questions are the gateway to understanding.
What’s your #1 burning question today?